WCC Portfolio
My photography is a means to explore the varied subjects within my environment. Maintaining an openness during image creation allows the subject to present itself in a way that I may not have previously noticed. I am interested in resolving the differences between my perception of a scene and the image created by the camera. Sometimes my imagination is captured by an emotion evoked by the subject, while other times it is the subject’s form, color or gesture. Work in this series focuses on natural scenes in places that I frequent most often. The interaction between nature and the viewer influences how the subject reveals itself from the visual chaos. When quiet and still, nature gently invites the viewer to a state of calm and a peaceful, clear image emerges. With stronger interactions such as wind, cold, and rain, nature forces the viewer into an unsettled state of consciousness and the image engages the viewer with increased tension.
This series consists of subjects found in my local environment during the pandemic lockdown. My photographs became a way to study these places and their subjects with a fresh perspective, with emphasis on either the object’s shape, form, color or gesture. Eventually, this collection of images became a study of place. Similarities bring the images together to form a collection while dissimilarities provide a platform for further contemplation.
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